6100 W Maple St, Wichita, KS//Sundays at 9:00 & 11:00am

The Refresh Campaign is a three-year generosity initiative that will not only address much-needed facility maintenance and upgrades, but will transform the ministries of Central Community Church. We believe God has big things planned, and our desire is to step out in faith as we are obedient to His leading.

28 days of prayer // Week 4

Important Dates:

March 3: Commitment Sunday
On this day we will turn in our sealed Commitment Cards. This will be a time of commitment, sacrifice, and faith. We will have the opportunity to invest in something larger than ourselves—something that will outlast our lives on this earth.

March 17: Celebration Sunday // Combined 10:00am service
On Celebration Sunday, we will announce the total amount committed in faith toward our project. Our goal is $5.4 million. We believe that we can reach this amount with God’s help. Whatever the result, we want to give God all the praise and glory!

There will be one combined 10:00am family worship service on Sunday, March 17. There will be no Kids Ministry, and we are encouraging all families to attend together as we celebrate God’s work through Refresh.

Campaign Booklet & Documents

Our campaign is set into motion by people on these teams:

  • The Spiritual Emphasis Team provides essential prayer support to make sure that the campaign is a spiritual endeavor.
  • The Communications Team builds awareness and informs.  This is the “no surprises” team because they make sure everyone knows what is going on through newsletters, inserts, social media, and other creative ways.
  • The Arrangements Team is responsible to plan facility use and food for various meetings and events during the campaign.
  • The Presentations Team will meet with the congregation in a small group setting.  The Presenter will share the vision, explore the details, and explain the answers to questions that you may have.
  • The Reminder Team provides gentle encouragement to attend various campaign functions.
  • The Advance Challenge Team challenges church leaders and others to make pace-setting commitments that provide the early momentum for success.
  • The Creative Gifts Team provides information and confidential counsel to those requesting information on various charitable-giving options.

Pastor Bob Beckler, Senior Pastor

Pastor Justin Mohr, Executive Pastor

Vince Champlin, General Chair

Rod Opliger, CCC Finance Director & Creative Gifts Team Leader

Bruce Pearson, CCC Council President

Becky Nichols, Campaign Administrator

Dave Zavala, Advance Challenge Team Leader

Pastor George Skramstad, Spiritual Emphasis Team Co-leader

Lisa Camp, Spiritual Emphasis Team Co-leader

Pastor David Vogel, Communications Team Leader

Cheryl Rundell, Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor & Arrangements Team Co-leader

Karen Cox, Arrangements Team Co-leader

Karla Mounts, Reminder Team Leader

Campaign Questions: cccgeneralchair@gmail.com

Finance Questions: rod.opliger@centralcommunity.church