Initial Refresh Work Has Already Begun

Even as the Refresh Campaign is getting started, important updates to the building are being made.

Addressing Leaks
Over the last 36 years, significant water leaks have developed, leading to increased and permanent water damage to the Sanctuary and Grand Foyer. Due to age, the roof and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS)—including brick and stucco—have deteriorated around the perimeter of the Sanctuary.

Through extensive research with our architects, engineers, and contractors, we discovered that the thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) bladder roof was not installed correctly and needed extensive repair and redesign. On the first of December, after we discovered what the problem was and what was needed to fix it, we started the demolition process. Once this began, we discovered the problem was worse than expected. There was moisture running down through the EIFS wall, into the Grand Foyer glass system, and exiting into the building.

To make the appropriate repairs to prevent the continued water damage, then entire north and east exterior brick walls were removed, and a new stucco finish has been applied. This is in addition to addressing the TPO roofing.

HVAC Updates
In late February, two new HVAC units were installed on the Sanctuary roof. These were the final two needed to replace all 11 original units from 1988 that service the Sanctuary, which have been slowly exchanged over the last seven years. The church building requires a total of 60 HVAC units. Many of these are originals to the building and will require replacement in the coming years.

We are grateful to God that His hand is in this project, providing resources and keeping all the construction crews safe at 60 feet in the air.