Summer Construction Set to Begin

These are exciting times for our church! Over the last few months, the church leadership team and council have been working closely with SPT Architecture and Conco Construction to finalize the plans for the next phase of Refresh. And now, we’re excited to share those details with you. This letter contains details about the five projects we plan to begin this summer. As Pastor Bob has said, our ability to be flexible is vital as we enter this season. Change can be hard, but great things are ahead!

How these decisions were made

There are many other important projects in addition to the five we’re about to begin. Our highest priority continues to be repairing the roof and exterior walls to prevent further water damage. Because that work is directly attached to the front entrance remodel and parking lot upgrades, it is not feasible to begin those projects now and have them completed without impacting our ministries when activities begin again in the fall. We are currently working on those plans and desire to begin work after Easter 2025.

For this summer, we decided to focus on the high-impact, high-return projects that we could accomplish in a shorter period using the cash that is already on-hand. After careful consideration, the Church Council voted to begin these five projects.

1. Restrooms // Beginning Mid-June
There are four sets of restrooms that will be remodeled this summer: the two sets on both sides of the Sanctuary, the set in the preschool hallway, and the set upstairs in the student and family ministries area. (Other restrooms will be refreshed in the future.) Each remodel will take several weeks to complete, and they will be done in multiple phases so that not all will be closed simultaneously.

2. Sanctuary Stage // Begins in July
Renovating the stage is the first step in a larger update of our Sanctuary, but it is the only piece of the Sanctuary project to take place this summer. We will enlarge the higher portion of the stage to approximately where the lower platform currently ends. The extended stage will give our worship ministries increased opportunities for creativity and growth for Sunday services and special events. This also allows us to make much-needed updates to the tech infrastructure within the stage, which will positively impact our sound system. Worship will continue in the Sanctuary while this work is being done. The construction is expected to last a few weeks, and final touches such as finishes and tech work will likely take longer.

3. Atrium Remodel // Begins in July
One of the most significant projects this summer will be the Atrium. This space is already a hub for church activities, and installing a drop ceiling, making acoustical adjustments, and other updates will turn this room into an excellent venue for gatherings and events. The majority of the project will take place through July and August, but we will pause the week of July 22 for WinShape. During periods of construction, the Atrium and Café Central will be closed.

4. Second Floor Remodel // Over the Summer
To better serve the student and adult ministries, we will reconfigure upstairs classes and offices. This will create a safer, more secure place for our students in a more intentional and effective use of the space. Middle school, high school, and young adult/college gathering spaces will be consolidated into one centralized, dedicated location. Adult education classrooms will be relocated closer to the elevator. This work will require upstairs classrooms to be closed for a period, but we expect the remodel to be completed in time for fall classes.

5. Paving the Gravel Road // Mid-Late Summer
The gravel road behind the Chapel is an important route for the families of Central Community Preschool and Light Academy. Not only is it dusty and bumpy, but the gravel requires continual maintenance. Paving this short stretch of road is a simple way to make a profound impact.

Please be aware that any dates given are subject to change. The bottom line is that we intend to use these less busy summer months in the most efficient way possible so everything is ready when fall activities begin. For the most accurate information, visit or the Refresh wall in the Grand Foyer. We are also looking with great anticipation to the future projects that we plan to begin after Easter and into the summer in 2025!

We appreciate your flexibility in these coming weeks as work is done throughout our building. We recognize each project will cause inconveniences or frustrations. But we are also confident that the work done now prepares us for what God desires of us for decades to come!

If you feel led to make a commitment to the Refresh campaign, a pledge form is available at And if you desire to update your existing pledge, you can contact Finance Director Rod Opliger (316-943-1800, x161 or

Remember: the Refresh to our building leads to a Refresh in our ministries! We’ll be sharing some of those exciting updates in the next Connect magazine. Stay tuned! On behalf of the Church Council, Pastor Bob, and the church leadership team, I want to thank you for your generosity to Central Community Church. Your continued faithfulness is making a Kingdom difference in ways none of us may ever fully see. But God sees, and He is using the people of Central Community Church to make His name known not just in Wichita, but around the world!

Thank you.

Justin Mohr, Executive Pastor