Restroom Remodels Begin July 9

The remodeling process for two sets of restrooms is set to begin on Tuesday, July 9. These sets include the men’s and women’s restrooms in the hall east of the Sanctuary and the men’s and women’s restrooms on the second floor across from Room 215.

Both remodels are expected to take approximately 30 days, though timing may change.

During construction, both sets of restrooms will remain closed. Available restrooms remain at these locations: in the hallway on the north side of the Sanctuary, in the Atrium, in the Chapel hallway, and upstairs in the High School hallway. Additionally, the restrooms in the Central Community Preschool/WeeOnes hall and Route 252 remain open for children on Sunday mornings.

Once both of these remodels are completed, we will begin the remodel process on two other sets of restrooms: those in the hall on the north side of the Sanctuary and in the Central Community Preschool/WeeOnes hallway. Dates have yet to be determined.

Other summer projects

There are several other projects that we plan to begin yet this summer. They include:

    • Expansion of the Sanctuary stage
    • Full remodel of the Atrium
    • Remodel of the second floor classrooms and offices
    • Pavement of the gravel road on the west side of the Chapel.

Click here for the article with more details about each of these projects. Starting dates are still being determined.

We appreciate your flexibility in these coming weeks as work is done throughout our building. We recognize each project will cause inconveniences or frustrations. But we are also confident that the work done now prepares us for what God desires of us for decades to come!