Small Group Presentations Have Begun

We have begun an exciting journey known as Refresh. Over the next few weeks, we will seriously evaluate what God’s Word has to say about total commitment and sacrifice.

As we look to the future, there is unlimited potential for building God’s Kingdom. God has graciously enabled us to reach this point. It will be through the combined commitment of all of our people that we will continue to move forward.

LifeGroup Presentations
One of the main goals of our campaign is to keep you informed! We are convinced that one of the best ways to communicate is “face-to-face.” Therefore, we have developed a small group presentations to aid in this communication. This presentation will be made in your LifeGroup at one of your usual meetings. (If you are not in a LifeGroup, see below.)

Those who are making the presentations are people like you. They have already spent much time in preparation and now want to share with you some of the exciting things they have discovered. Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity to feel the heartbeat of what the campaign is all about!

General Presentations
If you are not in a LifeGroup, you are invited to attend one of four identical Sunday morning Refresh Campaign presentations at 10:20-10:55am in the Chapel. You’ll hear a special presentation about the campaign, receive a packet of important materials, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Registration is not required. The dates are:

  • Sunday, Jan. 21
  • Sunday, Jan 28
  • Sunday, Feb. 4
  • Sunday, Feb. 11